Sunday, January 21, 2007

reverse culture shock...

was not something i really had to suffer this time around. it was more or mess the information in my brain that i thought was permanent. for instance, i didn't forget how to drive, but instead i had forgotten how to get to the places that i went all the time.

i was driving to my dad's office to meet him and my mom for dinner. since the traffic was terrible i decided to navigate the side streets. well that was a bad idea because not only was i about 30 minutes late, but i also found new streets that i have never encountered before in my 26-odd years of living in LA. what a mindf&*k. no seriously...that really messed up my head.

i find myself very relaxed though and i have to associate that with language. i zipped under a sign on the freeway and, although i didn't get a very good look, i knew what was on that sign. if i saw that very same sign, but in korean, i wouldn't have a clue.

this trip is going to be very interesting. however i think i calculated that i would be in an airplane for a long time...

korea - lalaland = 10 hrs
la - minneapolis = 3 hrs
minneapolis - la = 3 hrs

la to dallas - brasil = lots of hours
domestic flights in brasil = ??
brasil - la = more hours

lalaland = seoul = 13 hrs

yeah...that's a lot of hours

but i'm enjoying the trip right now. i wish i could take all my favorites from korea and LA and make my own little territory...that would be nice.

Monday, January 15, 2007

counting days...

just a few more days and i'll be planted in US soil. a weird feeling. actually it feels a lot like i'm traveling to another country. i'm actually expecting things to be different. what a trip....

i think it'll be comfortable to be back in the states speaking my natural tongue, but somehow i feel i'm going to fumble over my own tongue....


Monday, January 01, 2007

merry x and happ new...

happy new years, y'all...

i hope that the new years brings health and happiness.

as for me, i want to say congratulations to my brother and new sister in law. They finally sealed the deal. one of the consequences of living abroad is that i miss a lot of family things, but alas there is a part ii to this wedding and so i won't miss it completely!

before last year became last year (when it was this year), i went skiing with some friends from school. the slopes of korea cannot be compared to the skiing back in the states, but one takes what one is given. it was good times on the slope, a little icy and not very long, but with good friends, well, comes the good times...It was nice few days to get out of seoul and more of bonus to be out and on skis.

the year is going to start a bit busy as i am working on a commission for a little japanese restaurant that is starting up later this year. but i should finish up most of the work this month before i go home for a bit. a 30-piece set and a 15-pc set of plates is going to be the one thing that keeps me sane while i wait to get on that jet plane. be nice to go home for a while...recharge! wishes to all of you. may this year bring great experiences and opportunities.