Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Oh the End is Near...

It's the end of the school year again and it's my favorite time. No, No, not because work is almost over for the year and summer is arriving, although this summer my wife and I will be enjoying a week of SCUBA in Cozumel and it's going to be AWESOME! Truth be told, I enjoy work and I kinda miss my students over the break...but I digress.

The end of the year is when my students are busiest. They typically don't need too much assistance from me and I get to really see what I've taught them and, most importantly, what my students have retained. Unfortunately, because of the latter, students are rushing their work and making rookie mistakes, ie not hollowing out their artwork which results in their pieces...well...in pieces.

I also get to push my kilns to the limit; firing after firing. I love the constant need to pack my kilns (Playing Tetris) and scheduling so that I maximize my time at work and get the students' artworks back to them in time for grading.

I do the best I can...

Students, time is limited, but don't rush your work. Good foundations will lead to great projects. Remember that in the studio and remember that in life.

Have a Great Summer!


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