Sunday, January 21, 2007

reverse culture shock...

was not something i really had to suffer this time around. it was more or mess the information in my brain that i thought was permanent. for instance, i didn't forget how to drive, but instead i had forgotten how to get to the places that i went all the time.

i was driving to my dad's office to meet him and my mom for dinner. since the traffic was terrible i decided to navigate the side streets. well that was a bad idea because not only was i about 30 minutes late, but i also found new streets that i have never encountered before in my 26-odd years of living in LA. what a mindf&*k. no seriously...that really messed up my head.

i find myself very relaxed though and i have to associate that with language. i zipped under a sign on the freeway and, although i didn't get a very good look, i knew what was on that sign. if i saw that very same sign, but in korean, i wouldn't have a clue.

this trip is going to be very interesting. however i think i calculated that i would be in an airplane for a long time...

korea - lalaland = 10 hrs
la - minneapolis = 3 hrs
minneapolis - la = 3 hrs

la to dallas - brasil = lots of hours
domestic flights in brasil = ??
brasil - la = more hours

lalaland = seoul = 13 hrs

yeah...that's a lot of hours

but i'm enjoying the trip right now. i wish i could take all my favorites from korea and LA and make my own little territory...that would be nice.


At February 6, 2007 at 1:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
heh... what sick newz!
what do you suppose about it?


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