Monday, March 22, 2010

Community : Beginner Pottery

OMG! I'm a big fan of the NBC show Community and I have to say that the latest episode was Hilarious!

You can watch it here: Community: Beginner Pottery

I too always get stupid-ass comments about Ghost and that steamy wheel-throwing scene, which to me was just a damn shame of nice pot. Coincidentally, a prof of mine back at USC (and graduate of my high school) was the pot guy for the set! That's right! My prof made all the pots for Demi to F-Up! I would hate her too...

Enjoy the link at Hulu...but do so quickly because they don't keep em up too long!

My favorite part is of the picture of late Patrick Swayze! hahaha

Sunday, March 14, 2010


i've been crazy sick this last week. missed 2 and a half whole days of work! that's pretty much the week! Susan has been looking for work still, although i've been giving her a bit of work as she nurses me back to health.

march 15 is the last day for pink slips...that's tomorrow! if i don't get one i'm in the clear and next year i'll finally be a tenured teacher! Why is this such a big deal? well before i went to korea...before this blog/website was born...i was working as a ceramics instructor and got laid off at the end of my probationary period due to budget cuts. of course that all led to very good things...and has brought me back full circle...well fuller much larger circle.

we've finally started to talk about the wedding. we're thinking in the fall, outdoor, and small. should be lovely. talked to my life long friends and i got my team all ready. we finally set a budget and now we gotta pick a venue. i'm making surprise wedding gifts...and if i'm making them, you can probably guess the medium. ;)

it's gonna come soon