Saturday, February 23, 2008

AIDS and Ceramics

Finally got it! I got through and somebody listened!!!

In the final stretch of preparing for my show, I was finally able to get in contact with an AIDS awareness foundation in Korea. The Korea HIV/AIDS Prevention and Support Center (KHAP) met with me and we had a very exciting meeting. They have never worked with an artist to promote awareness of AIDS and thought that my work and this opportunity would be a good first run.

As a result, they will be present during the opening show handing out fliers and also have the opportunity to educate people on HIV/AIDS. In return, they will be promoting my show through their media outlets and also will run a one page (more if needed) interview that will be published in their monthly periodical...

With two months left until the show i sure am getting excited. I put a lot of work and effort into this project and it'll soon pay off...


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Luck...lots of it...and good timing too...

After starting the day off with rice, soup and some kimchi... ;)

i checked my email to find that i might have secured a job for when i get back in the States. i'm 95% sure about it!!!

talk about good timing. after all the serious crap that took place pre-korea, i thought i was doomed. i came to korea and turned one bad situation into one great one! now as i finish up my MFA (a long time dream of mine - since i was a b-school grad) i get to plant myself back home with a job!


it'll be like i never left...but new and improved...well maybe not new...but improved!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

on cruise control....

Finally! I have my venue and dates down. The last hurdle...for now...
I will be having my first solo show at Gallery Ssamzie at Ssamzie Gil located in one of the art centers in Seoul - Insadong.

I'm showing from April 30 - May 4. But the real good news was that the curator that i met with was impressed with my work and is working to extend the show for another week. This is important because it would extend through Children's Day and Father's Day (Korean, not the American holiday), which are two very busy days. Of course she thinks that this would give me more exposure, which is obviously a good thing.

I am also nearly done with my Thesis! I just need to give it a good once over and get it translated into Korean. soo whoo-hoo!

I'm going to end this post with a completely irrelevant thought regarding the economic situation (subprime fiasco). With the recent investigations and SEC probes taking place, i have to wonder if this was all an economic conspiracy staged to drive the world markets down. the few economic elite responsible for this crap would be able to get back into the market at super discounted prices. i sure wouldn't put it beneath the US to stage such an attack.

ok...well i'm off to start my day with long craved pancakes, eggs and sausage. now i can fit into that american stereotype and i can finally tell my korean friends, "yes i had bread and eggs for breakfast and no, i didn't eat rice and soup with a side of kimchi."