Monday, July 30, 2007

stressed out...

some days i like to take a drive or a walk and not have to think. i miss those days as they don't seem to exist in korea. the minute i walk out of my little rat hole, which i call my home, my brain is always going. reading this and translating that in my head. while i thought living in this country was something i could get used to, it slowly is taking a toll on me. times like these i want to go back to the comforts of my home back in the states. but then i wonder if it is just time to grow up...there is no more home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

AIDS Alliance Groups...

I find it absolutely frustrating...
I am trying to find a so called AIDS Alliance organization that would be willing to help me with my thesis and graduate show. I wrote first wave...and still no response. Not even one that says: "We are not interesting in your crap!" But not even that indignation is granted. Nothing.

1. These were affiliations located in S.Korea
2. I don't have a number 2 right now...

Should I:
1) Go to phase two and start calling
2) Start emailing US affiliates


Monday, July 23, 2007

How Global Warming Ruined My far

So we here in Korea are technically calling it the end of the monsoon season. WTF? I recall the first two summers I lived in Seoul and monsoon season meant torrential downfall for weeks at a time. WEEKS! This time 'round I recall one or two days of pretty good rainfall...

Now anybody that knows me probably knows that I love rain. Some of those people might even know that I sometimes sit in the shower recreating the sounds of rain hitting my head. Plugging my ears would amplify that sound.

So what happened to my monsoon? It was one thing that I look forward to during my summers.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

schools out...again..

so it's been a nice couple of weeks with the pressure of school off my back...kinda
now i'm preparing for the final stretch of grad thesis and graduate show.

but i gotta pepper it up a bit so i'm making some things to sell...some more copper red bowls and some aroma oil burners. hey gotta pay the bills some how.

i'm also working on one of my graduate show projects: the AIDS wall..
about 500-600 sperm units all placed together to spell out A-I-D-S on a wall. i think it will be about 2 meters in height and who knows how long. it's a lot of units so i gotta get working. i have to make 8 pieces for the show.

hope all is well out there...