Friday, January 30, 2009

whew...another one down

after a long week of firing...thank you kiln gods!...i am done with the first semester. those kilns worked overtime and boy aren't i glad we have em. we have two electric and one gas...i dunno if i already mentioned that in another post.

slowly i gotta churn out my own pieces...but alas next week is the beginning of another semester...intro to pottery. i'm going to be busy

looming worries about california's budget...or lack thereof...will my job be in jeopardy...?...again? how many times is one place going to cut me for the same reasons?

well...what degree should i get if i get laid off this time? i always thought art therapy would be cool...hmmm

gosh i hope things pan out. my co-workers wife is also a teacher and they had mulled over a lot of being paid in IOU's...really?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


we got our new pugmill...the axner new wave. now we can finally recycle some of this clay and save some money. whoohoo!

now my next big purchase...slip mixer and pouring tables! i think it would be pretty fun to get these guys into mold making and slip casting. a bit challenging, but i think it might be worth the shot. at the very least i taught a new technique for them to add to their belt.


in response to the comment regarding being in gwang-ju:
gwang-ju is home to the Gwangju Biennale and also next to icheon, the ceramics capital of korea and the host of the world ceramic biennale. learning ceramics where you are is not going to be difficult. you should take a quick ride trip to icheon for a ceramics kick. plenty of traditional korea pottery there and a good spot to find about taking classes! enjoy