Saturday, September 12, 2009


well, the fire came and went with minimal damage to the La Canada residents. I heard the fires were getting right up to some backyards. pretty insane! the air is cleared up quite a bit too. we did miss the first two days of school though. it was nice to get a couple of more days in there...although at the cost of the city burning!

so now i'm back to learning names and faces. we've gone through pinch pots and this week we're going to start up with coil construction.

i haven't really produced much lately. and that bothers me a bit. i just can't think of anything that i want to make. kinda like writers' block if you will. i mean i can make my bowls and cups and whatever, but that's kinda like doodling. i plan to stay after work and have a few good hours of work time and see what happens.


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