Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oregon Trip: Crater Lake

Today I drove from Brookings to Ashland, which is a short drive (2hrs). Of course it took longer because of all the sights I stopped to see. I drove to California and back into Oregon and through the Oregon Redwood Forest.

The coastline was nice and cool (about 68F), but as I moved inland the weather got to a scorchin' 90F! oi! But it was nice to head into the forest. I stopped along the Smith River to take a little dip.

After I checked into my hotel, on my drive up to Crater Lake I stopped and checked out the Rogue River Gorge. I continued up the Crater Lake and spent the next 4-5 hrs there. As I drove around the rim, I stopped to take pictures of the lake and each time I thought...yes this is a better picture/site. But finally I found the site, which, well, wasn't the best picture/site, but was definitely the spot where I would watch the sunset. I also did fine what I felt was the best picture/site as well. hehe

Since I was at Crater Lake, I had to go touch the water. Well, the trail down is a 1.1mile switchback trail which descends 700ft. This is the equivalence of descending 75 flights of stairs. Of course, what goes down must come up. And while this wasn't a hugely difficult task, I spent a bit too much time down by the lake. I did want to get back to my sunset spot. I was also wearing my flip-flops ;)

Crater Lake is beautiful...the pictures speak for themselves (as soon as I upload them). Driving down the mountain road at night is pretty exhausting so i'll upload the pictures tomorrow, as I got back to my room at 11PM.

Good night world


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