Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oregon Trip: Going to Coos Bay (Oregon Sand Dunes?)

Down to Coos Bay. This mean just a couple of more days on the coast. You'd think you would get your fill of coastline...but it just ain't so.

The Oregon coastline is beautiful. The mountains just drop into the sea and there are lighthouses all along the way. there are numerous bridges crossing over rivers and creeks heading into the sea. and strangely enough, there are sand dunes which stretch down about 50 miles of the coastline.

While driving down 101, I stopped, got out of the car and started to climb up the sandy hillside where I was greeted by empty and vast dunes. It's like walking on the soft sand of the beach...but deep. In fact, while running around on the dunes, my foot got stuck deep and my flip-flop (just one) was sucked into the sand. I thought I lost it but I reached into the sand (about 6"-12" down) and somehow found my Havaiana. The whole time, the coastal breeze is shooting sand everywhere, stinging my face and slowly destroying my sunglasses (had to watch my camera too). Of course, Spy's have lifetime warranties...the catch is that they stop production of their glasses and change designs rapidly so good luck replacing those lenses!

In Coos Bay, I found a Sushi restaurant called Sunmi's 식당 (shik-dang = restaurant) and decided to stop by. I asked what was good and the sushi chef, a korean gent, said Jjang-pong (which is a korean-chinese spicy seafood noodle soup). However, since I had a hankering for gal-bi (Korean BBQ) I had to order that. To top this hodge-podge or asian cuisine off, you got a fortune cookie for dessert. WTF? Anyways, Korean food in Coos Bay is...well, I'm just glad to be supporting my peeps. hehe


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