Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back Home...

And getting ready for work!

My last days in Seattle were quite pleasant. I didn't know I was going to be so busy. I just wanted to revisit a few spots from the first visit and maybe check out some more on the ceramics scene.

My first stop was back into the International District where I met Binko and John. They were so nice and turned a simple store visit into an historical experience. And while I could blog all about, this tour i'm going to leave in my head. It was a simple visit made simply into a greater personal experience. Thank you Binko and John.

Funny thing about airport security...
They had to check my bags because I was bringing home some glass. They said that they had a hard time seeing through it. Now, in the world of X-rays and what not, i'm sure there would be issues...but having a hard time seeing through glass(?)...well that got me.

Now I'm back in Pasadena breathing smoke. The Angeles Crest NP is on fire!! Got a few pictures on my way to work. Check it out here. There's talk about canceling the first day of school depending on how bad it gets...and at only 10% contained...


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