Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oregon: The Next Day

The other day I took a nice hike to Drift Creek Falls. It was not too long, but it was nice. The road up to Drift Creek was…well...long. There are two roads that head up to Drift Creek and the directions provided by my hotel took me pass Drift Creek Covered Bridge. I guess a lot of people like to check out the bridge, but it is really something you can pass by in literally a minute…in fact, while I was taking pictures I did see many people pass it…and flip a u-turn to come by to check it out and leave again in seconds (like 30 seconds). The road up was nice, but I started to panic a bit when the road lost it’s pavement. Lucky for me the good people at Budget upgraded my car to an AWD.

The Drift Creek Trail was nice. The weather was perfect for hiking. Not too hot and not too cold. It was actually on the cooler side to be honest…lovely. The forest up here is green and wet. Lots and lots of moss…some of it even looked like sphagnum moss (something I couldn’t live without in Patagonia – wet wipes). Before you get to the falls, though, you have to cross over this suspension bridge. It sways pretty nice when you get towards the middle. Drift Creek Falls on the other side is awesome!
I came back down (the short way!) and was off to the glass foundry to blow some glass, but being the high travel season, I simply went to make reservations for the next day. I just spent the rest of my time strolling along the beach until dinner.

I was really expecting a great dinner, after all, the dining guide expressed that chef so-and-so was presenting his dishes for a fine dining experience. But the food was mediocre and the plates…ouch…they were atrocious. I’ve never such ugly plates…and I’ve seen some ugly plates.


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