Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Oregon Trip!

So my trip trip started in Seattle and I thought I was just spending one night here, but I guess I booked two! So I got in on monday evening and the weather was nice. it was slightly drizzling...and well...that's nice for seattle. the funny thing was that you were passed an umbrella when getting off the plane (we got off on the tarmac) akin to getting lei'd in hawaii (do they still do that?)

on this trip i get to play with my new toy: a Garmin Nuvi GPS. Budget would let you rent one for like $60/wk and since I was going to have it for 2 (2x$60=$120) i figured i would just go ahead and buy a new one. but since i'm not adjusted to using this GPS I ended going to my hotel completely on a local route! i was so frustrated and worried because the thing kept saying i was going to get to my hotel by midnight! i just hopped on the freeway and got myself there with minimal GPS help.

GPS issues: took me to a dog bakery when I was trying to get breakfast. they also really ought to put in all the different one-way streets...almost got killed (not really). and maybe some of the GPS dudes should meet up with the Google maps people and get really cool looking GPS's...more accurate to.

anyways, first impressions: nice little city. quite diverse (many many asians). the Seattlites seem to like their porn, pho and teriyaki. I might have seen more pho places then coffee places and it seems like the teriyaki places are all in competition for the best in town.

but i enjoyed romping around downtown seattle and going to the waterfront...although i did miss pike's market, although i did drive by. I also went to Wing Luke Asian Museum where they had an art exhibit featuring two ceramic artists Akio Takamori and Patti Warashina and a new artist (to me, anyways) named Joseph Park (great work!) I also went to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

I also reconnected with a friend from Korea that I hadn't seen in years. Catching up over dinner and drinks was fun!


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