Friday, December 28, 2007


in my previous entry i estimated that i would need to make 300. well i have to make 312 to be exact. and now i have finally gotten my slip-blend down, i'm producing about 40-50 sperms a day...on a good day. and i'm proud to say that i am 64 sperms away from finishing the casting step. after that i'll be firing and glazing and attaching magnets and stuff...almost done.

here is the funny thing...because it's winter, they shut off our water pipes so they don't freeze over. this means i have to run over to the next building (since our building is also undergoing construction) to fetch a pail of water...last i knew it was 2007.

anyhow, i haven't updated my portfolio section (hong ik university: semester 4) because i didn't do any work this just kidding. since these works are those that will be on display for my graduate exhibition, i need to install them (frame, set-up, etc) and take pictures then. i should be doing that by march of 2008...

but tonight i dream of only having to make 64 sperms...


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