Monday, December 17, 2007

Learning curve...

for the last couple of days i have been remaking my sperm...
so per my calculations i should have around (50-60 sperms per day x 4 days) around 200-250 sperm...almost done...nope!

apparently i forgot the exact water to clay ratio to make sure that i would have full length sperms that would take a short amount of time to dry.

see...when the slip (water+clay) is too dense, it has difficulty traveling along the tail-end of the sperm mold which results in these half-sperms.

when there is too much water, i get nice full length sperms but it takes too much time to dry enough for me to take them out of the mold.

so after much confusion, a realization, and some correction, i'm back on my A-game producing away. it shouldn't be too long now. but sincei got some time, i'm in no particular rush...


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