Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't trust anybody with your kiln...lesson revisited

For some blasphemous reason the graduates don't know how to fire their own kilns. i guess a true artist only needs to come up with the idea and have some peon make it and fire it. in any case, as a result, we have a student kiln master who fires all the kilns...

now...if you recall, i made 500 sperms this last summer and finally glazed them and fired them. well, 300 of them so far. i loaded the kiln and the rest if left up to the kiln master. i should have known better to trust somebody else with my kiln. that's lesson #1!!!

i'm sure you can see where this is going. i opened up the "treasure chest" (as phil cornelius calls it) and saw a horrid mess of poop colored sperm with melted glaze everywhere. words don't describe the seen but pictures would have broken my heart even more. they were supposed to come out a shade of red (not poopie red). they were supposed to be smooth...and not like James Edwards Olmos' face...(sorry that was a bit mean). suffice to say, the 300 of the bunch were FUBAR.

pissed? yes...wanted to ditch the AIDS wall project...wanted to wring the neck of the kiln master (more the latter than the former). but ultimately what can i do. it's ceramics...ish gets f*$#ed up.

what kills me is that people think i caused the disaster. did i check my glaze? what kind of glaze? was it applied to thick? come now people...i have 500 of these buggers. how can they think i wouldn't have tested my glaze? which made me even more irate. how can one of the best art-schools in korea have such shitty kilns? and why the f@#$ don't they teach their kids to fire kilns? but most of all what can i have done to prevented this....

well...it looks like i'm going to be making 300 more sperm. it's ok...it's easier than making 500.



At December 18, 2007 at 9:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

d'oh to the 300th power!


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