Monday, November 26, 2007

and quite the last snow...

well seeing that is almost december, i'm sure we have more colds days to come. but the weather has been strange and all i can think about is that mother earth is under a lot of stress. but is there hope? can we change it? i hope so...

when i had an aquarium i learned that the big fish always seem to survive...darwinism taking effect before my very own eyes. but i also learned that the bigger the tank the less sensitive it was to change (temp, salinity, etc). there is also a rule about size: 1" of fish for every gallon.

have we overpopulated this world? is the stress level we have passed onto this earth a sign of the stress we pass onto ourselves? i think we would have to think about this quite a bit as i don't think we are even aware of the distress we live with.

i think if we think about how we are changing life to be more green we can help ourselves. so the major concern with green living seems to be energy source and energy consumption. we are looking for a new way to power our lives (hydro, solar, etc.) and we also seem to be very concerned on how this energy is used (emissions). so what does that mean for us? what we eat and the way we use our energy (exercise?)

i suppose that leaves us to eating organic and veggies...but i hear that today organix, having gotten so popular and marketable ($$$) is not even clean as the term may imply. so where is our "cleaner" source of energy?

i read that conventional exercise helps us build up our bodies strength and energy levels via stress and break down on our bodies. if you think about muscle/weight training, we create bigger juicier muscles by tearing them up and forcing scar tissue to amass. funny unless you're Seal (the singer) i don't recall the last time that scarring up ourselves was en-vouge. jogging also helps in the deterioration of our joints. so once again where is our "cleaner" method of burning energy?

it is definitely time for all of us to center and re-center ourselves...


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