Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back from Minnesota

every year i like to travel to visit my sister and her family in Minn. boy how times flies. my niece and nephew are already 7 and 4 (respectively)! it was a short visit, but on one of our walks i thought up of an interesting idea...

i think of our society as very reactionary...quite explosively so really. with all the advancements in science and technology, people might have forgotten the tradition of patience. of course, as a ceramic artist, i feel that i can escape all the noise through my work. so this idea fits right in the middle...a good place for me:

i would set up a wall of clay; laid down like brick they would make a nice thick and heavy wall. dimensions of said clay-brick wall would be about 3'x3'x.5' i would shoot a shotgun at it, and in its very wet state, the clay would be able to catch the and record the path of the bb pellets (remember: shotgun shells are full of pellets and not a single bullet). one wall would catch one shot. fired slow i would be able to permanently record this ephemeral explosive behavior

i know where to get the clay...but can i just go grab a shotgun and start blasting?



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