Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glazing Demo...

So it's time of the year that my beg. ceramics students are introduced to the high fire glazes. we fire a reduction at cone 10. pretty typical. i'm trying to have our ceramics club (Slip!) raise some funds so that we can get a raku kiln. would love to just make it one or something, but rules and kids and biggie.

life has been good for me. playing around in clay and slowly creating a body of work. i'm revisiting some of the stuff i did back at HongIk. mixing wheel thrown work with some hand-built stuff. DBA went through and thus the beginning of Fine Line Arts. This summer I will be running a creative arts series of workshops (digital photography, portfolio preparation, culinary arts, and ceramics) held throughout the month of july. it's going to be the first time i run a business. let's see how i do this...should be fun.


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