Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So finally after some struggling to set my schedule straight, i now see that i'm going to be super busy with school. because i wasn't a ceramics major in college, i have to take some additional classes on top of my graduate load. this semester i will be taking three grad courses and 2 undergrad courses. this is going to be one crazy ride because to top it all off, it's in korean

now let me tell you...and to some (maybe most) this may not be a surpise, but living in korea and attending graduate school in korea is NOT the same thing. Going to school is WAAAAAY harder.

i think, though, that there will be a period of adjustment (funny how everything in life has a "period of adjustment") and i'll get used to the academic vocabulary that i currently scratch my head at.

thankfully i know what it is that i want to just 1) how do i do it (literally where do i need to go and who do i need to talk to) and 2) how do i express these desires with word...korean words. this proves to me once again, life is indeed about the process. so here i go...i'm going to live it up!


At March 8, 2006 at 5:16 PM , Blogger don't call me chuck woolery... said...

joe, don't get frustrated. everything is hard at the start. i recommend that you stick with it, and things will get better/easier with time.


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