Friday, March 03, 2006

First Day....

well today was the first day of class. i woke up with that oh so familiar feeling: nervousness, anxiety, etc. i just did not want to deal with sitting through another session of not understanding a damn thing. the bed seemed so more inviting. however, slowly, but very surely, i got myself ready for class and went early - just to make sure i would be on time. it was a good thing because the scheduled classroom changed. i wouldn't have known had i not gone to the admin bldg. this, of course, after i walked into what was very clearly a business lecture (i suppose that undergrad work wasn't a waste afterall).

but it's all good because after walking into the highschool, which is one bldg over from where i needed to be - it would have been nice if the school was separate from the university's say...a fence? - i finally get to my class and i wait.

the prof shows up and i know who it is because i met prof lee before. but no intro. no "welcome to ceramics 101 i'm prof lee." everything just starts like as if we were well into the school year. did i miss something? perhaps the first day of school?

i don't think i mind not understanding korean that much. i kinda expected that to be the case. i just hoped i would be a bit more informed about what was going on here. like i said, it's bad enough that i'm just trying to figure stuff out since i don't know korean that well, but to further make it confusing by not providing information is a little tough.

ok...well class ends and we go to the studio to get our workspace setup and what have you. except for one small little problem. there just isn't enough space. apparently, more students were accepted into the program than the school could provide for. (it mu$t be the new building$ that they are building in front of the $chool.)

so what now? exactly...what now. they are in the process of adding more tables and stuff into the studio to facilitate more students so we'll see what happens then. oh boy...this is going to be an interesting two years is all i can say.

i hope day 2 is a little better....


At March 13, 2006 at 10:16 AM , Blogger Nate said...

Wow...hope things are goin' better now. That would definitely suck to deal with a lack of space and all, especially when the school is seemingly at fault.


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