Wednesday, February 15, 2006

no valentine's sentiment from me...

but since all my friends are doing it on their blogs...
i will share this bit of information:

on valentine's day in korea, women shower their loved one with adoration - which usually means chocolate.

next month, however, is the mans turn to do the same...although, as i understand it, it means more expensive chocolate...
this day is called "white day" and is celebrated on 3.14

and yet the next month...on "black day" (4.14) is the day when all single folks go to eat 짜짱면 (jja-jjang-myun: black bean paste noodle - much better then it sounds). I usually celebrate this holiday...because i like 짜짱면 of course. that was my little conformist bit on valentines, although it was a day or two late (what can i say? it took a while for me to jump the band wagon)


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