Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life is good...

it's funny about glazes. one time i made a glaze that was a nice pale matte yellow (watch out Otto!) but of course i could never replicate it. something to do with the firing. wish they wrote down the ramp schedule over at xiem!

this time around i was trying to make a nice matte gun metal glaze and well...with all the manganese i added, it didn't seem to want to get dark...but i got a great result anyways.

glazing calculation should be a reminder to us all that despite the fine calculation that goes into our work, we might not get what we want...bu the kiln gives us a nice surprise.

and i know i keep saying that pictures are going to come, and if you all don't mind, i'll take some shots with a digital click and shoot. they aren't the best of quality, but i'll get em up!

it surprises me how life can be so much like pottery...not just the centering of the clay which is required to make something, but also the pleasant surprises that come of the kiln despite the hard calculations.

keep my life centered and expect surprises along the way...
plan all you want because it helps, but know it doesn't work the way it's "supposed" to

i hope all is well out there.

Here are those pics of that bowl.


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