Saturday, November 15, 2008


it's been a while since i've blogged huh...
lots of busy while starting a new rather continuing the life i left 4 years ago.

one would think I would be used to being back now, but this time i find that there was so much i wasn't getting involved with.

i have been struggling with the air quality in my classroom. my classroom is actually two huge studios, both easily over 1000sqft. with 16 feet ceilings, the room combines to be over 20,000 cuft. so for whatever reason, my dept head told me i had to follow through with the air quality as the previous teacher had said that there might be some issues.

after a series of emails i finally have permission to get somebody to check the air. but the difficult thing is how i had to literally pull teeth to get this done. i understand that the school (or any institute) would be unwilling to simply just throw money around, but this seems like a possible OSHA violation, and if so a great health and safety issue for the school. in reality i feel i'm trying to prevent the school a greater loss...not to mention my own lungs.

there are just so many things to do as i get back into teaching, like reorganizing/organizing my glazes and clay supply, establishing my classroom expectations (which i think will take 1 more year).

waiting to get my hands in clay again...aside from doing demos for my students. or perhaps i'm just waiting to get the sperm outta my head.


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