Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where did i park my car?

walked out the house on my way to work. looked at the temp car port which housed my car and while i usually see the front hood of my black wrx, today i assumed that perhaps i didn't pull all the way up. but panicked, i strode to amazingly see that my car was not there. but somebody has to be f#$%ing playing me right?!? but i see the action to their reaction and realize this is no joke. better call in a sub

called the police and filed a claim with my insurance company. thanked god that i just got it a week before. on the down side, i just got an oil change, got some worn down belts replaced and just registered my car and got Cali plates. ouch...

with nothing more to do i went to work in the parents' ride. can you guess what the talk around the lunch-table was? Funny the things people get stolen. I knew I could count of the lunch-bunch to make me not feel alone.

now now don't think i didn't think about getting a new car out of the deal. it would most likely be the next step in a situation like this. avoiding the idea of car payments (since i'm paid off), i shopped around on the internet and came across the audi a3 and what a beauty that machine is! maybe payments won't be that bad...

so before i went to sleep that night, i daydreamed the possibilities of dreams filled with zipping wagons until my phone went off anyways...

LAPD found the car I need to pick it up ok AWESOME! oh wait...would my car just be chopped to pieces?! would the bastard that stole my car have crashed it?! i dreamt of A wagon...and it wasn't zippy. :(

call in the sub...gotta get my car.

i had to pay about $200 in towing/storage fees. bull$h!t!!

over the wall i could make out my car and it seemed fine. and on closer inspection i realized that the car almost absolutely the same as i left it. radio check engine parts check smelly thing for my car check $3 in change no check...i could live with that. and best of all, which gas prices so high and all. s/he drove less than 50 miles!

while driving my car to get a wash (poor car), i was wondering, how ironic it would be if the bastard woke up, went to his car and wondered where his car went...apparently the guy parked in a no-parking spot and they towed his car

but no time for me to mess around now. i had to call my insurance adjuster and close my claim and prepare for Back to School Night. Freaked out that the classroom would like a ceramic war-zone (i had been away for about 2 days!), but the class was in great shape. my kids rock! it's always such a great thing to know that your class can run just as well even when there is a sub in. i was so i shared that with my parents at Back to School Night.

all in all one of the most bizare experiences in my life...


At September 28, 2008 at 7:47 PM , Blogger don't call me chuck woolery... said...

joe, isn't an audi out of your league? even i dream of the A4 but would never buy one (too expensive).

At September 28, 2008 at 8:29 PM , Blogger Joseph Lee said...

yes...mos def! but i can dream and blog can't i...i am glad i have my car back though...

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