Friday, May 02, 2008

Mid show...

Man, the opening was crazy busy. i don't recall a night where i was so busy. i didn't even have time to be nervous and have my food cravings. but alas it is over...for now anyways. the show ends on the 5th so i gotta make my way to the gallery and just check up on things. i own tons of thanks to many people...

i went today in fact and it was kinda neat to see the AIDS wall slowly disappear (pictures will be updated on the retrovirus site soon). a group of people came to film at the gallery as well so i look forward to getting some film footage of me explaining my art to some girl checking out the work. sweet!

the family is off to jeju today to enjoy their holiday. and while i'm here i'm happy to be with my friend adam who flew out from LA to be at the show. you can check out what he has to say on his blog ( don't forget to check out his flickr sets...

but i'm in need of some serious rest so i'm hitting the sack. thanks for all the support from all of you out there...i promise to upload the retrovirus page with pics soon so that you can see all the work.


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