Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ethanol Fuel...

Coming back to the States soon got me real excited about driving my car. I've been living 4 non-driving years and honestly it was nice...for about 6 months. I can't help it...i love my soobie. but when i found out the gas is averaging about $4 a gallon...well maybe, i thought, my soobie doesn't love me.

as so i was thinking about selling my car and getting something a bit more green. that's when i read this article. anybody read this too?
There was just one flaw in the calculation: the studies all credited fuel crops for sequestering carbon, but no one checked whether the crops would ultimately replace vegetation and soils that sucked up even more carbon. It was as if the science world assumed biofuels would be grown in parking lots.

this lead me to read about the E85 ethanol fuel which Chevy is developing/developed...which lead me to this little blip about Chevy and weren't they the ones to kill the EV1 (the first electric car). And this is what they say:
When GM launched the EV1, gas was cheap, there wasn't a war in Iraq, and there was less discussion about global warming.

Interestingly enough, this seems to be the way our nation (most nations?) thinks...too little too late. but only when it comes to making a buck.

get used to the heat my friends, global warming is here to stay


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