Friday, March 14, 2008

Retro Virus...

Retro Virus: Reassessing the AIDS Crisis

I decided in efforts to be GREEN i would have my invitations to my grad show be electronic...
When the time is right, i will send out text msgs and emails providing a link to the invitation to my show. Pretty sound minded of me huh? the invite, a webpage, will be converted to a mini-website to show the works presented at the show. those who won't be seeing the works in person can see it virtually...

some may say that i'm just cutting costs of my show. well this would be right, but those attending the show can pick up a non-virtual leaflet if they would like. i'm just really cutting on the "immediate trash" percentage, although potentially missing on a good opportunity to promote the show. seoul is already littered enough (see

if you don't get one and would like to receive an invite (probably because i don't have your email, telephone number, etc...) please feel free to email me and request one.


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