Saturday, December 16, 2006

snow day...

er night...

tonight it started to drift a bit. i thought it was nice and wondered if this snow would continue to fall throughout the night. but as the night continued i realized that it would.

my friend and i were enjoying ourselves in the local chicken skewer bar enjoying some adult beverages admiring the falling snow thinking how romantic it was wishing he both had a respective sig fig to enjoy it with. but too soon did we speak as the drift became a blizzard and no longer romantic by any means. in fact, she stated that the snow had started to fall at a somewhat scary rate to which i found myself agreeing. but still i was on the thoughts of the earlier night: why wasn't i enjoying the snow with a sig fig. to which i enjoyed an intoxicating swig of warm sake.

but later i recalled that my friend had found a little push cart and thought it a wonderful to cart down the hill near out house. although it had wheels, perhaps the snow would allow us to believe we were sledding down. it was the finest 15 minutes of the month indeed.

unfortunately there's always my sunday work-load - the one i actually get paid for - that i had to depart the pleasantries of the night and return to my abode. whoever said that all good things that come to an end...well that person must have been sad that the night ended as well.


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