Tuesday, August 08, 2006

september sale...

this heat is ok, but the humidity is just killing me...
i remind myself that i just have to endure for one month...it should pass in a month and Fall should be on it's way by then...hopefully.

a couple of friends (6) and I are all busy preparing for a show/sale in the end of september. i'm working on a set of plates which kinda look like the set of dinnerware that i made last semester (dinnerware - at bottom) but no texture on the sides. i have completed about 40 porcelain ones and 40 ongi-clay ones (a nice dark brown when reduced at 1250C). i'm hoping i sell a good amount, but i will also be participating in a show/sale in december where i can sell off what i don't sell the first time around...i've been also talking to a restaurantier about doing his plates. cross your fingers!!

i suppose if the sales don't go so well, i could use some new dishes...i'm bored with the ones i have. i'll take some pics in progress and post them soon...


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