Sunday, February 05, 2006

Like Father Like Son...

s. has a great job! she gets an annual benefits budget in which she can use for anything she wants! i suppose that's one of the cool things about working for one of Korea largest video game companies. swimming laps on the 24th floor, above the cityscape of seoul, was one of these benefits. however, the events of this experience prompted this story:

it was a family trip to Ixtapa, Mexico and we were getting ready for our illegal, underwater, SCUBA excursion (I suppose that was a bit redundant). "Don't worry, Terry!" My dad, often referred to my mom as Terry. Her English name is Theresa... And me dad was comforting my mother because she had some issues regarding breathing underwater. Of course, if you know my dad, this was done in somewhat of a condescending manner in which he was boasting his own abilities (or ability to successfully try new things).

one tank of oxygen will last about 45 mins...assuming that you remain calm and maintain a regular breathing pattern. we each went off with your own guides and began our underwater adventure. "Stay'll be fine." And with those words, my dad and mom went their own ways...

I don't remember what order we all came up. I just knew that I came up before my 45 mins were up because after the novelty of breathing underwater wore off, I spent the remainder of my time inflation and deflating my flotation device which would allow me to "fly" through the ocean. i would float up; i would float down. sometimes i would spin like a dart on my descents.

but coming back onto my boat, i was greeted by my sister who told me that her instructor ate a live clam (or other such shellfish) underwater. how could anybody EAT underwater? I also saw a grumpy, red, dad sitting by himself. when I asked him what happened, he just angrily shoo'd me away. a look to my sister and we just snickered quietly. we were joined by my brother who also inquired about our Terry-less dad as we shared out submarine stories.

finally, with a huge mom boards back on the boat excited, practically glowing from her SCUBA experience. a look of concern overcomes her face as she sees dad sitting and unwilling to share his stories. but his jovial instructor explained how, he had swallowed some salt water and would be ok. a huge smile once again gleamed on my mom's face.

back to the pool:
s., an ex-smoker, and I are swimming laps and she stops to take a breather. I suggest she gets some water and maybe stop. she was a smoker and wasn't in the best of shape. i add - i'm not in much shape myself, but i was a swimmer... (?) a few moments later, we're racing down the pool. of course, I swim just fast enough to make sure that i (and my ego) beat her. and after some few lazy laps we decide to get out. and who's the one complaining that they feel like their going to die? "but you were a swimmer, while i was a smoker," she comments as we head out of the pool and into the locker areas.

a defeated me sits in the locker as i try to breath and regain my composure. father like son. they (my dad's friends) even say i walk like korean they say that my dad and I are like 붕어빵...


At February 5, 2006 at 5:05 PM , Blogger roger said...


you sounding like a fob now. =D I guess you are becoming more korean. What buidling is that pool in? Man, I want to check it out. Can you smoke in there? =D

At February 5, 2006 at 6:08 PM , Blogger Joseph Lee said...

fob? grammar-wise? because in my defense i was always a crappy writer...

oh...the pool was in the park hyatt hotel. no pics of the pool...i suppose you can google it though...and no, you can't smoke in the pool.

as surprising as that sounds, there are some places in korea that are smoke-free...thank god.


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