Saturday, June 07, 2008

my interesting boxer dream...

so apparently i fell asleep wearing my boxers backwards. so the front was in the back and the back was in the front. kinda like kriss-kross - as in they make you wanna jump jump jump. if you don't know them, well maybe you are lucky.

anyways, back to my story. i've been known to do stranger things, but last night i somehow managed to sleep in awkward fashion. i had this interesting dream where i was filling in for my mentor while she stepped out of class. i was teaching her class and the while feeling terribly uncomfortable. i was trying to change my boxer configuration, but there was a whole class of kids with all eyes on me. makes changing your underwear hard to do. i had a whole slew of dreams and eventually woke up. initially i didn't really look back on the dream and think it was all that wasn't until i went to the bathroom and realized that my boxers were indeed on backwards.

ok well enough of that...


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